What Are My Responsibilities As The Personal Representative?

First and foremost, the Personal Representative is appointed to carry out formal administration of the decedent’s estate.   The Personal Representative can be a person, bank or trust company whom is appointed by a probate judge. If you have been chosen to be the personal representative of a probate estate, it is important you understand your responsibilities.

In Florida, the Personal Representative of a probate estate is to collect the assets of the decedent and provide payments of valid creditor claims and tax liabilities.  After the assets are collected and creditors paid, the Personal Representative makes distribution to beneficiaries of the estate either as stated in the decedent’s Will or Florida Intestacy statute discussed here.

It is important that the Personal Representative is represented by an experienced attorney. Improper administration by the Personal Representative could open them up to liability for any harm caused.  If you have any questions, please Contact us for a free consultation.

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